Monday, March 01, 2010

I am working on a book right now called Deaf Sentence by David Lodge. I'll have something to say about it when I'm finished. More important that WHAT I'm reading right now, is WHERE I'm reading.

I had some time before D's hockey game this Sunday in Escondido, CA. I wandered about and ended up at the California Center for the Arts. The museum didn't open until 1 o'clock so I had some time to crack open a book.

The sky was a perfect blue and the temperature 68 degrees. I found a great bench and did what I do best, I read.

Yet another reminder why one should ALWAYS have a book handy. You never know when you will find the perfect spot.


Helen of SJ said...

Did you take those photos? They are awesome! I like that you're writing about when you read and where you read.

eveapple said...

I did take the photos myself! Hooray for self timers and fabulous lighting. I am feeling the desire to write coming back and am trying to find those little doors to walk through to get back on track. Back, track . . . I'm channeling Dr. Suess! It must be the right time to write!